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Owner Jeffery Rogers has been in the metal recycling business since 1983.  The Waccamaw Metal Recycling facility accepts ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  We have a state of the art full size 18-wheeler scale and use a sheer logger baler on location. 

Waccamaw Metal offers off-site dismantling and demolition work.  Tractor trailer and container drop off are also available, as well as flat bed pickup and van hauling. 

We Purchase “Any Kind of Metal” –
 scrap, aluminum, copper, heavy steel, stainless steel, tin, brass.

Bring in Your Metal! – aluminum cans, copper wire, copper pipe, painted siding, flashing, fencing, stainless steel equipment, metal shelving, appliances, metal pots & pans, metal doors, window frames, aluminum lawn furniture, storage buildings, junk.

We pay top prices for scrap metal and aluminum cans.

We accept all scrap metal including steel, aluminum, copper, tin, appliances, aluminum cans, and many other types of scrap metal.